Friday, 22 May 2009

In the beginning

My name is Smudge and I am a tabby and white cat living in London. I don't remember much about my first humans except that they went away and left me to fend for myself in Thamesmead, a district of South East London, near the River Thames.

I was cold and hungry, till I found a nice couple of friendly humans called Alex and Carole, who put food out for me. Yayyy that was good! They had two fierce dogs and a cat called Molly too. I couldn't go into their house because of the dogs, but I wasn't afraid of them. I'm not scared of anyone. MEOOWWWW. I remember once I had a fight with a cat called Georgie and I beat him up good and proper!!

Well one day Alex brought me some food but he put the dish inside a basket. I was so hungry that I went in there to get it and - wham - he shut the door of the basket and I was trapped! What would happen to me now???

He put me in the basket in his car and took me on a loooong ride across to the other side of London (well, I didn't know that at the time). I was frightened and kept crying all the way. He took me to a big house and up the stairs to a small flat, where his Dad Sam and wife Joanna lived. I looked around from inside the basket and thought - Where Am I?? The old couple who lived there were talking to me and trying to be friendly but I couldn't take it in.

Then they opened the door of the basket - and I shot out!! I went straight under a cupboard - and stayed there for two days!! I could smell another cat there (they had just lost their cat Toby 2 weeks before, but I didn't know that). They put some food and water in dishes near me, but I didn't touch it.